Our Services

Dr. Roy Coleman's office offers a variety of services including:

Dr. Coleman also offers the NTI appliance to help people who brux, clinch and who get migraines. At our practice we try to be as attentive and caring as possible to not only your dental needs, but anything that will make your visit more comfortable. We treat each patient, both adults and children, with personal attention in a relaxed atmosphere in a state of the art modern setting. We have computers in our operatories with the intra-oral camera so you can see just what the doctor sees. We have a micro abrasion as well as digital x-rays. Our main objective is to make your dental experience a positive one and we'll go to any lengths to do so. We look forward to helping you and your family achieve optimum dental health.


NTI-tss dental devise prevents migraine pain and is indicated for patients who grind or clinch their teeth. The NTI-tss device is a small, removable, prefabricated, clear resin matrix oral insert which a dentist fits to the patient's front teeth to be worn while sleeping. With the NTI-tss device in place, the intense activity of the temporal muscle is suppressed to less than 1/3 of maximum by preventing any intense occlusal contact. By reducing this neuromuscular activity, migraine headache pain and associated tension-type headaches is reduced or prevented. this same reduction in the contraction of the temporal muscle also benefits the patient who grinds or clinches their teeth, especially while sleeping. This reduction in grinding protects the teeth from wear. Mini implants are 1.8mm in size and are used to help stabilize a lower or upper denture. Four implants are required on the lower and a minimum of six on the upper. These are 1/3 the cost of regular implants. A free consult is available to see if enough bone is present in order to place the implants.